IP Infringement on eBay

If you received an IP infringement notice from eBay, please read the following information.

Your listing has been removed because you had sold counterfeit or items that unlawfully uses our trademark or a name (in photos, title, description or any part with the listing) which is confusingly similar to our trademark "TOWER PRO".

We are committed to protecting our intellectual property rights to providing eBay members with a safe place to buy. To achieve this, we are registered with eBay as a Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) so that we can report listings that infringe our rights.

If you are interested to purchase our genuine products, or you need to compare yours with our genuine products, please visit http://www.towerpro.com.tw/ (operated by Tower Pro Pte Ltd).

「TOWER PRO」は、 梅本合同会社(日本)、Tower Pro Pte Ltd(シンガポール)及び雙輝有限公司(香港)の日本、中国、欧州経済領域及びその他の法域における商標又は登録商標です。(商標登録 日本第5781098号、中国第6279319号及び第16048902号、欧州経済区域EUTM 014818521、米国 5609351)。

The brand "TOWER PRO" is a trademark or registered trademark of Umemoto LLC (Japan), Tower Pro Pte Ltd (Singapore), Both Bright Limited (Hong Kong) and Tower Pro OÜ (Estonia) in Japan, China, EEA/European Union and other jurisdictions (Registration Number: Japan 5781098, China 6279319 and 16048902, EUTM 014818521, US 5609351).

「TOWER PRO」是 梅本合同會社(日本)、Tower Pro Pte Ltd(新嘉坡)和 雙輝有限公司(香港)在日本、中國、歐州聯盟和/或其他國家/地区的注册商標或商標(注册商標 日本第5781098號、中國第6279319號和第16048902號、歐洲經濟區EUTM 014818521, 美國5609351)。